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Bathroom hardware accessories to buy Raiders bathroom hardware installation method 
Part1: I do not know the bathroom rack purchase and installation techniques
Bathroom rack should be the most common bathroom hardware accessories, which is mainly used for placing and hanging towels clothing. Here is a look at the hardware should be how to choose and install.
A bathroom rack
Bathroom rack is installed in the bathroom, bathroom walls for placed or hung to dry cleaning supplies, clothes, towel products, hardware products. Bathroom rack are numerous, including hook, single towel bar, double towel bar, glass frame, double cup frame, dish soap, soap, towel ring, towel rack, dresser clip, toilet brush, towel rack, such as. Bathroom rack bring convenience for many of our lives, and the purchase and installation of pendants are skills.
Two, choose the rack
Bathroom environment tend to be more humid, so in the bathroom hanging on the choice to pay attention to a few points:
1, look at the material
Bathroom accessories supplies both copper plated plastic products. There are also copper polishing copper products, more is chrome plated products, which is made of titanium alloy products most upscale, and then followed by copper chrome, stainless steel, chrome plated products, aluminum alloy, chrome plated products, chrome plated iron products and plastic products.
2, weight matching
And the configuration of their bathroom three piece suit (bath, toilet, basin) three-dimensional style matching bathroom pendant set, and tap the shape and surface coating treatment is consistent.
3, look at the coating
The quasi electric coating not only can make the surface of the product even and uniform, but also can avoid the oxidation and rust in the humid environment. With the eye to see the surface of the hanging, if the surface without bubbles, coating uniformity, you can choose.
4, look at the process
Through the strict standard process products, often after machining, polishing, welding, testing and other complex processes, products not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good performance and good handfeel, uniform, fine and smooth and flawless.
Three, bathroom rack installation
Part2: careful attention shelf purchase and installation
Rack, bits and pieces of articles on the home found neatly stored, now rack shape and different, beautiful and generous, but practical most important.
A shelf, classification
Racks with different materials, including glass racks, plastic racks, stainless steel rack, alloy racks and racks clapboard frame.
Two, the purchase of rack
Bathroom damp environment. Therefore, rack of the utility function is not only buy need to consider, other issues must also be considered.
1, strong
The rack base is solid, push-pull is easy to shake.
2, moisture resistance
Frame materials storage can not rot in a humid environment without deformation and rust. The rack in the bathroom for a long time in a moist environment, therefore need to choose not easy to damp rust rotten material. Consider the stainless steel and alloy rack.
3, bearing
Rack bearing force is good, will not hang heavy deformation. The rack is the most fundamental of its abilities, buyers need to choose according to their actual weight storage.
4, unity
Pay attention to look at supporting, to match with the configuration of the bathroom three piece suit (bath, toilet, basin) style, to ensure the unity of the whole style of the bathroom.
Three, rack installation method
In the bathroom, the racks in the shower, the home is shower rather than isolated, can not use shelf, and the use of isolated shower room, install shelf is to consider to plan and in accordance with the daily need to install. Rack installation method is very simple, first need fixed position with a pencil mark, and then the electric drill punch, the fixed rack by screws and bolts.
Part3: small objects large effect shower curtain rod purchase and installation
Shower curtain rod, which is often used in our daily life, in the bathroom to install a good shower curtain rod is not only related to the beautiful, but also related to the mood.
Shower curtain rod
Shower curtain rod that is used to hang the shower curtain telescopic support strut, the general for the inner tube and the outer tube structure is a small pipe extends into a tube., using the button, spring or screws to hold shower curtain rod and hung on the shower curtain.
Two, shower curtain rod
The shower curtain rod is divided into two types: expansion rod and fixed on the wall with screws. If you choose to hang straight shower curtain rod and two wall support, you can choose expansion rod, convenient installation, simple move; and once the selection arc-shaped shower curtain rod, then they would have to choose two fixed by screws in wall of stainless steel pipe of the shower curtain rod, safe and solid.
Three, shower curtain rod installation matters needing attention
Choose shower curtain and installation, some of the details to do in place, the general need to pay attention to several aspects.
1, water retaining strip
The shower floor drain is slower than the shower flushing speed, so the shower area on the ground to install water retaining strip. General laying outside the shower curtain, it is best to choose natural stone retaining strip, bottom thickness of 1-2 cm, mildew quality glass glue laying in the shower curtain periphery can be.
2, shower curtain suspension
Bath curtain suspension is generally divided into two kinds: one is the installation of flexible shower curtain rail, and the other is to install shower curtain rod. Flexible shower curtain rail installation should pay special attention to, first determine the flexible shower curtain rail specific installation position, then installed in bathrooms of aluminous gusset plate, and then installed on a flexible shower curtain rail.

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