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Bathroom hardware how to maintain? 
Sanitary ware hardware how to maintain sanitary ware hardware cleaning and maintenance guide
Many people do not know how to clean the bathroom hardware, and maintenance, often a headache for a period of time, have become worse than the beginning of light.
First, the bathroom hardware clean:
1, do not let the faucet encountered acid and alkali liquid;
2, do not use a wet towel to wipe the leading surface directly;
3, do not use with a burr of the items to wipe the faucet;
4, cleaning, the application of water or neutral detergent wipe, and then dry, soft cotton cloth to wipe.
5, please use clear water blunt the faucet with a soft cotton cloth and wipe dry. Never use any abrasive cleaning agent, a cloth or paper towel, and any agent containing acidic cleaning, polishing abrasive or cleaning detergent or soap and other things leading wipe the surface.
6, due to the usual use of a variety of detergent, shower gel and other long-term residual in the chromium plating surface will lead to the degradation of the leading surface gloss and directly affect the surface quality of metal parts. Please at least once a week with a soft cloth to clean a hardware surface cleaning agent, the best use of neutral, such as bilizhu.
7, for difficult to remove stubborn dirt, dirt on the surface of the membrane and besmirch, please use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or without wear the role of polishing liquid clean, then the clean water tap remove all cleaning leading to eliminate all the cleaning agent and soft cotton cloth wipe dry.
Two, bathroom hardware maintenance:
1, usually used car wax bath with shower spray to the surface of the three to five minutes after the wipe, the brightness can keep shower samples.
2, should avoid all metal objects and can cause damage to the surface of the product surface.
3, the process of product in mobile tohandlegentlyand, don't tap directly on the hard surface.

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