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The temperature sensor is connected with the problems that should be paid attention to 
The temperature sensor is connected with the problems that should be paid attention to
There are many kinds of temperature sensor, thermal resistance or thermocouple, their temperature and accuracy of measurement has the distinction, the user must choose their own temperature sensor suitable according to their actual requirements.
Thermocouple of the main types of difference in the thermocouple core (two pairs of wires) of different materials and different, it is the output of the electric potential is also different, the thermocouple is based on the national industry standards to produce.
Can replace a few mouth sensor.
The working principle of thermocouple conductors of two different components, both ends of the welding, forming a loop, directly measuring end called working end (hot side) connector terminal called cold end, when the hot end and the cold end temperature difference will in the loop produced thermal current, connected to the display instrument, meter will indicate the thermoelectric EMFs corresponding temperature, electric potential with temperature rise.
Temperature sensor and temperature control instrument should pay attention to the use of three points:
1 temperature sensor and temperature sensor must be the degree of indexing corresponding up, can not be casually and a thermostat directly connected to the use of.
Three when the thermal resistance method is adopted, the 2 wire must be used, and the two wire connection method can not be used.
When the line is short, it may not feel the temperature of the deviation, but when the line is long, measuring the temperature error is great.
If the user found that the line is not long enough, you can meet the common first, but the length of the three lines, the thickness of the same requirements.
3 when there are thermocouples, we must have a special compensation wire, not just to the root of the wire to connect.

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